Features of Sircle POSTM :

No Contracts, No Subscription Fees, With a small Monthly Fee

Sircle POSTM system provides the ideal business solution to help you operate, manage and grow your business. An All-In-One solution out of the box.

Fast; Easy Installation

The easy guide screens will help you quickly set up your point of sale system to your specific needs so that you can spend your time doing more things, like running your business. Includes easy upload of your inventory data.

Canada and USA Tax System Designed

Sircle POSTM was designed for the Canadian and US tax systems. Easy GuideTM dropdown Country and Province/State selector menu will help set you up to your tax system with pre-programmed rates for each Canadian provincial tax rate systems.

Inventory Management, Control Reporting

Manage and update your inventory, pricing, costing and inventory quantity with Sircle POSTM backoffice. Use reports to help better manage and grow your business.

Expandable and Versatile

If your needs change as your business grows and evolves, Sircle POSTM is scalable to meet these needs. Add optional hardware devices (not included)

Compare Sircle POS

Features comparison between Sircle POS and other POS.